My Year Home With Love-Month One 

May 28th, 2016

One Month Old

These past few weeks at home with my newborn have flown by so quickly. I have a ten year old boy, so I knew that it would be an adjustment once my newborn daughter arrived into the world. I’ve been through all this before. I would need to adjust to little sleep, constant crying and the stress that came with raising an infant. I was ready for it all or at least that is what I kept telling myself. 

The birth of my daughter came and went and I realized that I was never as prepared to be the mother of a newborn as I thought I would be. All the tips and tricks with soothing a newborn got lost in the deprivation of freedom. Freedom is something that I once had. Once I became a mommy, the freedom to do what I wanted was no longer an option. Now, I have little people, who belong to me, to think about. I’m living my life one day at a time with my family, including the new addition to our family, Ashlyn Harper Moore. 

I’m extremely grateful for all the moments that I have currently experienced with my daughter. Being that I had my son 10 years ago, it’s like I’m undergoing this raising a baby gig all over again. I’m inexperienced at being a mommy to a newborn, but I’m trying my best and I’m enjoying every aspect of this edited life.

Ashlyn is the mini version of her father. She enjoys being held by family, ALL THE TIME! Her need to be held is adorable when I have the energy and feel the need to expend that energy. Although, at the end of the day, when I’m exhausted, her wanting to be held ALL THE TIME is not so endearing. 

I’m completely obsessed with my daughter. I adore the little smirks that she flashes at me randomly throughout the day. I’m addicted to smelling her breath every time she yawns and my favorite thing is to watch her while she sleeps. I have a tremendous amount of love for this tiny human. I can’t wait to see what joy and challenges her next month of life brings my way.

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