Excitement began to arise in my eyes as my due date of April 25th approached. I figured my baby girl would soon be born. I could not wait for my little bean to be welcomed into the world by her awaiting family. Also, to be honest, I was completely over all the negative pregnancy symptoms that I was experiencing throughout this pregnancy, especially towards the end.

Finally, April 25th was here, but no signs whatsoever of impending labor. Still, I had high hopes that my OB would inform me that I was somewhat dilated during my 40 week appointment that same morning.

As I waddled into my appointment, armed with an optimistic attitude, I sat on the examination table eager for my doctor to perform a cervical check on me and bless me with the stupendous news that my baby girl was well on her way of making it into the world soon.

Nope. That news, I did not receive. Great, I thought. I continued to think, when will I be close to laboring? My doctor continued to explain to me that my baby was still sitting high in my uterus, therefore, she had yet to drop and settle herself within my pelvis area. I was definitely going to go past my initial due date of April 25th.

I left my appointment a bit disappointed. The anticipation that had built up prior to my appointment had been knocked down like a Jenga stack at the conclusion of the visit.

May 4th was my scheduled induction date. Induction? That is not what I had wanted. An induction was not what was originally planned of how I had hoped for my daughter to be brought into our lives. I had to realize that not everything goes as planned and as long as my baby was born healthy and safely, I’d be okay. I was game for anything.

An induction was unnecessary because a screaming Ashlyn Harper Moore had arrived on Thursday, April 28th at 3:22 pm. She entered the world at a healthy 7 pounds 5 ounces and measured almost 21 inches long. I spent most of my labor at home. My husband drove me to the hospital around 1 pm and she popped out, after a few pushes, a couple of hours later. I chose to opt out of having an epidural, since I was already 9 cm dilated upon my arrival to the hospital.

All the pain that I had felt throughout my pregnancy and laboring was all worth it, because I am now able to experience the beauty that is my newborn daughter.

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