My Year Home With Love-Month Two

June 28th, 2016

Two Months Old 

Colic?! Aaaaahhhhh!!!! The dreaded evening screams fill the hot, humid, summer Temecula, CA air around the same time each evening. I shriek at the sound of baby’s high pitched cries. Colic, I curse you!

Poor baby Ash is one of the unlucky fews who are going through colic. Us, my hubby and I, are the lucky ones (so being sarcastic here) that get to experience it. I understood Ashlyn having colic would be a possibility, because it is a very common condition in the early weeks/months of many newborn’s lives. Also, I had listened to tons of podcasts that stated how prevalent this condition was and ways in which to deal with it. Therefore, my husband and I are dealing with it the best way we know how to.

The challenges and the struggles of having a two month old are real, but the love that I have for this constantly screaming, pooping, hungry being are even realer (yeah, I know, that is not an actual word). 

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