Babies For You, Big Belly For Me

In May 2013, I gave birth to twin girls as a surrogate mother. I decided, after watching a news story on television, that I wanted to go through the journey of providing the gift of life or in my case, lives, to a couple in need. Therefore, I researched surrogacy agencies that would allow me to carry a baby for an individual who could not.
Once I was matched with a couple, I began the journey of attending many, many doctor’s appointments for blood draws, examinations and ultrasounds. For the first few months of my journey, I was required to inject my body with hormone medications, on a daily basis.
In September of 2012, I underwent an embryo transfer and a couple weeks after the transfer, I found out that I was pregnant. Since my hcg levels were extremely elevated, there was an assumption that I would be pregnant with twins. About 6 weeks after the embryo transfer, I had an ultrasound which revealed what the fertility doctor and I had already expected. There were two fetuses temporarily taking room and board within my uterus!

I was ecstatic to reveal the news of being pregnant with twins to the Intended Parents (IPs) whom I was carrying the babies for. I was aware that they wanted twins, hence the reason why two embryos were implanted into my uterus. This would definitely be a wish come true for them. For me, I had yet to come to the realization that I would be preggos with twinsies. I was anxious about how the pregnancy would go.
Would the negative pregnancy symptoms that I was sure to experience be exacerbated with twins residing in my belly?
How would delivery of these babies go?
Will I need a C-Section?

These were all inquiries regarding the impending birth of my surrogate babies that I had floating around in my mind.
Eventually, I put those fears to ease by listening to the stories of other surrogate mothers who had experienced what I was currently experiencing at the time. They spoke so beautifully about the connection that they had felt with their IPs and the relief that came when they provided their IPs with the baby (babies) they had carried for them.
I spent Mother’s Day 2013 in the hospital after giving birth to two beautiful baby girls. They left my uterus to be with their dads and I said farewell, but my journey did not end there. I was able to see them after that day and I continue to see them once in awhile as of today. Though they reside in a different country, I’ll always have a little space in my heart for my surrogate babies and I look forward to seeing them everytime they are in the U.S.

The greatest gifts that I had given to my intended parents were babies for them and a big belly for me.





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