My Year Home with Love- Month Three

Three Months Old

Well, well, the colic has continued. The crying hasn’t made its pit stop quite yet, but I’m sorta getting used to it by now…Haha, who am I kidding?! No, not really. I haven’t gotten used to it. Who gets used to screaming crying? Nobody! Nobody I know anyway.

In more positive news, baby Ash is smiling a lot more frequently this month. I honestly believe that she has the cutest smile ever, but of course I’m being bias as her mommy. First thing in the morning, I can always count on Ashlyn’s beautiful smirk, baby babbles and infectious energy. She gets a hoot out of moving and grooving around quite a bit. I can’t hold her without getting a serious arm workout. Not only is she packing on those baby pounds but, BONUS, she’s helping all the muscles in my arms tone up.

Baby Ash’s favorite toy is her mini Elmo stuffed animal that her daddy purchased for her a couple weeks ago. Her favorite thing to do with Elmo is chew on his eyeballs. Really, she likes to chew on everything including her hands and my shoulders, which is slathered with her drool on a daily basis.

Ash has a favoritism towards her mommy and scream cries whenever daddy holds her, which is cute, somewhat, and makes me feel very wanted, but it drives me bonkers at night when my body is sore from toting her around all day and all I want to do is set her down or have her pops carry her. I understand that time flies by quickly and soon enough she will no longer want her mommy to carry her and they’ll come a time when I’ll be craving her attention. Therefore, I’ll enjoy these moments while they last.

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